Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sous Vide Benefit: Focusing on the Sauce!

One of the major advantages of sous vide is that once you prep the food and pop them in a bag and into the water bath, you have all this time to.....  focus on the sauces for your dish.  Before, the sauces were sort of an after thought for me.  I was so focused (and forced) on the food prep because you have to worry so much about the timing (else your food comes out over or under cooked!) that you don't have time for the sauces!  At least I didn't.

But with sous vide (partially because it takes a little longer to cook the food), I have the time to explore and work on the sauces.  From a nice pesto to a rich red wine mushroom sauce, sauces can really enhance the dining experience.

You can sous vide a large quantity of say chicken or fish or beef at once, freeze them in their bags and pull them out when you want to put a meal together and create a unique new sauce for each meal.  It really makes chicken unique!

So if you start sous viding, start exploring your saucy side!  Here's a couple websites with some nice sauce recipes:


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