Monday, October 10, 2011

Living with Sous Vide - The 6 Month Mark

So it's been a wonderful 6 months with my sous vide equipment and I can definitely say it's been incredible! While I don't sous vide every day, I would say I do sous vide on average 2 to 3 times a week. In fact, one of the big advantages is bulk cooking once and re-heating later. I have been known to go to Costco and get bulk chicken breasts and cook them all at once. Then quick chilling them and using them throughout the month. Another great benefit of sous vide is the flexibility of time. I have been focusing on wonderful sauces, which provides variety for the chicken breasts. I love mushrooms, so I've been doing a lot of mushroom sauces. At my Ranch 99 store (Asian store), they have wonderful Shimeji mushrooms which are LOVELY!

After 6 months, I have made a number of dishes and I can say that chicken remains the most transformative texture with sous vide. Duck breast is a close second. Turkey and beef are also much more consistent, moist and tender. As for fish, since I used to do fish in parchment paper in the oven (a kind of steam poaching method), I've found the sous vide version to be just as moist and tender. The main advantage is consistency with fish. If I overcooked the parchment paper version, it came out "mushy" and unattractive.

As for which sous vide water bath do I prefer? I like them both, but I find myself using the Sous Vide Supreme water bath more regularly, mainly because it's quiet! Since they are both in my kitchen, quiet is good. It takes a little longer to heat up, but I've incorporated that into my routine. Thanksgiving is coming up and I can't wait to serve thanksgiving turkey sous vide style!
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sistah in law said...

I posted a comment earlier but don't see it here ???
Can I put in my orders now for Christmas time?? Puuuuleeeease????

sistah in law said...

. . . and doesn't your kitchen look so good in the photos too ??!! The photos are *fantastic* . . . second only to the taste, I'm sure. I've never blogged before . . . was a tasty way to be introduced . . .

SiliconValleySousVide said...

Thanks for the comments! You're welcome to our kitchen anytime!!!!

Suzanne said...

Wow! The new site looks great! The pictures are really nice, too. One great thing about sous vide is that it's very supportive of the diet I'm on with my sistah! The diet requires 4-6 oz. of protein (beef, chicken, fish) 2-3 times a day. So, you can cook your packets of protein ahead of time ( or, in my lucky case, my sweet husband and sous vide chef does) and have them ready for your meals. It makes sticking to the program vey easy!

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